Commitment is the act of pledging or engaging or the state of being pledged or engaged.  So when we commit our lives to Christ we are making a pledge of ourselves. We are declaring our engagement and connection to all manners concerning Him and affirming His relationship to us.  We are dedicating our totality to the mission that Christ, himself, ordains.  It is the realization that who I am is no longer determined by me that often causes difficulties in adjusting to the newness I have in Christ.  It is more difficult to allow someone else to have charge of or responsibility for my purpose and pursuits. During seasons of transition this truth is most difficult.  It is also in that time that we are most susceptible to poor decision-making.   I submit, however, that it is at these times when we have the distinct privilege of reaffirming our commitment to Christ by turning to him and boldly facing the turbulence.  I made a poor decision, once, during a time of transition and for a while I felt that the guilt of that decision and its implications I would never be able to grow past but alas I have discovered that the Lord is true to his word, indeed.  If you call upon the name of the Lord you shall be saved.  If you call unto him he will indeed answer.  If you confess your faults he is faithful to forgive and cleanse you of all unrighteousness.   As believers we must remember that God’s strength reigns perfect in our weakness.  It is in those times of transition, in our human uncertainty, that He can show himself  as healer, provider, peace, or whatever we need.  It is in times of difficulty, often when we feel furthest from him, that he draws us closer to him.  If you are in transition consider your commitment to Christ.  Understand that decision.  Allow yourself to feel the weight and depth of that committment. Then turn it over.  Afterall there is nothing too hard for God.


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