When someone is crying out and you do nothing are you guilty of causing the hurt?  If you see a couple in a domestic dispute that turns violent and you do nothing are you to blame if something tragic happens?  When you read a poem by some teen you know and notice unsettling themes and images.  Images reflecting no hope or will to go on and you say nothing are you to blame when that young brother or sister travels down a self-destructive path of darkness?

In a society that is extremely self oriented.  Where the phrase “you do you” is a mantra.  I’m often left wondering when did humanity become so self consumed and cynical that we can’t see that the survival of civility at times rest on our ability to think outside of ourselves.  When Cain killed Abel and was then questioned by God about Abel’s location he arrogantly uttered the words “Am I my brother’s keeper?  ”  Ultimately we all have to make our own decisions we have to choose for ourselves which way to go and what compass we will use to chart the course of our lives.   Decision does not exempt us from our responsibility to each other.  Sometimes it only becomes clear when you choose for your family.  For those without children, it comes when you have to make some major life adjustment for the greater good.  It is the seemingly insignificant that often measures our character. I ask all of you who read this to consider the questions I asked at the beginning, privately, challenge yourself with the tough questions.  Do you know the position you hold and the responsibility it entails.  Let us not be passive but proactive.  One can chase a thousand and two ten thousand.   Imagine what God can do if we choose him and attack the enemy’s camp with prayer, fasting, and transparency that will win a generation bombarded daily with a propaganda campaign that seeks to steal their souls.


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