The question: “What is my destiny and why am I here?” The struggle for significance, purpose and meaning that we all face.  We find ourselves searching and studying varying philosophies and ideologies in order to determine our significance.  There is perhaps no more prevalent realization of this question than perhaps the moment one realizes that he/she now is responsible of developing another while yet not be assured of his/her own.  Parents face the seemingly overwhelming responsibility of imparting meaning and purpose into their children while at times question their I own.  A truth I can personally attest to, my children struggle daily with knowing who they are and that they are both significant, both special and unique.  I assure you they know undoubtedly I love them, but when they look at the world around them and even their peer group they have difficult understanding their own significance. At times I find the same is true for myself.  I struggle to resolve my purpose.  Frequently, however, I have found that our issues and struggles with significance come from the misguided belief that purpose only involves something BIG when in fact it is the little things that mean the most.  It is the most trivial at times seemingly most “dishonorable” or least significant of assignments that bring the most meaning.  I find the words of the parable in Matthew 25:14-23 ring true.  In the end it does not matter how much the spotlight has shined on us or how much we as long as we have stewarding appropriately that which we have been given and thereby provider our investor with a respectable return.  What have a done that multiplies or even adds to what I have already been given, be it big or small and if it is small only because I don’t recognize how significant the work really has been. I also find that the tasks that we set our hands to that seem to be the least of all are frequently the ones that have the weight 1 Corinthians 12:23!  Don’t measure your significance by what others see rather know that what you have committed yourself to is significant as long as you do it wholeheartedly and with compassion and grace.


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